the AU interview: Ronnie Winter of The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (Florida)

The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, in connection with GiggedIn will be coming back to Australia to play a headline tour. Just officially announced today, the band has decided which cities they will play based on the amount of pledges from each city they received via GiggedIn. The band will also be showcasing their recently released EP, Et Tu Brute?, celebrating their 10th anniversary! Find out more about the tour below and the dates are at the end!

You’re coming to Australia very soon…

We’re really excited. First time in a long time, so it seems like a lot of our fans are excited too. So, it’s a good day to be a fan of the Jumpsuit I guess in Australia.

How long has it been since you have been down here.

It’s been about four years. Four or five.

For Soundwave?

Yeah, it was great. Amazing bands. We’re excited to come back. And every single day I played for free. We’re excited to come back. This time we’re headlining, though, so that’s cool.

And you’ll be touring the country with Giggedin pledges.

Yeah, it’s really radical man. Giggedin came up with this idea and there’s this whole little team we got going on. Our Australian team over there is really doing a great job for us. We’ve been in the band for 10 years, so we’ve been through major labels and independent labels. We’ve been doing everything over the past couple of years. So, it was a little bit weird thing at first – the idea. But that’s what we’re known for doing. I think it’s one of those things that people think ‘oh that’s never going to work,’ but so far we’ve gotten an overwhelming response. And everyone’s saying ‘who’s winning?’ ‘who’s winning?’ but we’re not going to tell anyone who’s winning. We’re just excited that people think it’s cool.

If there’s enough interest, would you add more dates to the tour?

Honestly, that’s definitely a possibility and we have discussed that. Really it’s about the pledges. People talk about pledging, they post about pledging, but do they pledge? It really is 100% legitimate. If you pledge it will happen. So, if we get overwhelming response then yeah we’ll add extra dates and we’ll make it happen. If there’s not then nothing personal no big deal. I think everybody will happy that way.

You’ve released a 10th anniversary EP, Et Tu Brute?, Can you talk about that?

Yeah, it’s doing well in the states and pretty awesome in the UK as well. We’ve been working with our producer David Bendeth. We knew when we went back with him we would literally just take where we left off. Because it’s the same dude. We just caught up and sat around for awhile and we picked up where we left off and just hit record and took up from where we left off.

What’s coming up for you guys later in the year?

We’re just going anywhere. We’re going all over the world with the EP. We just added a bunch of stuff in Europe. We’ll be playing in Russia, which we’ve never done before. We’re coming back to Australia for the first time in ages. We’re also coming back to South East Asia for the first time in about four or five years. So, don’t call it a comeback, but it’s looking like it might be one.

Sounds like you’ve got a busy year ahead.

It’s non-stop, but that’s, you know what? That’s exactly what you want. That’s exactly what any musician wants. Any musician wants to play music and for people to be able to hear it, so I’m just grateful that people appreciate it.


The dates have been announced! See the full tour dates here:

Thursday November 7th – The Hi-Fi Brisbane,
Tickets on-sale through 18+ only

Friday November 8th – C.eX Coffs Harbour,
Tickets on-sale through 18+ only

Saturday November 9th –
The Mcenroe Meltdown @ The Racket Club, Newcastle,
Tickets on-sale through Licensed All-Ages event

Thursday November 14th – UTS Glasshouse Sydney
Tickets on-sale through Licensed All-Ages event

Friday November 15th – The Corner Hotel Melbourne
Tickets through 18+ only

Saturday November 16th – Adelaide Uni Bar,
Tickets on-sale 18+ only

Transcript by Jemma Nott

Larry Heath

Founding Editor and Publisher of the AU review. Currently based in Toronto, Canada. You can follow him on Twitter @larry_heath or on Instagram @larryheath.

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