the AU interview: Falling Stacks (Bristol)

We’ve been impressed lately by a band from Bristol called Falling Stacks. We wanted to get to know them a bit better, so caught up with them at the end of last year as they looked towards the release of their new EP Vizsla, out next month. Here’s what went down:

Let us in on what you guys have been up to lately…

Hi. We are in a nice quiet period after playing a load of gigs, and getting the EP out in November, so are now thinking about next year and how we want it to pan out. We are currently pulling together the next EP, and after Christmas are going to write for a couple of months.

What have been some of your highlights of 2013?

Was a cool year, we did a little tour that went well, we signed to Battle which we are really delighted with, and the EP went down really well. Someone yesterday said our EP was the best of 2013, that’s more than we were expecting so has been a good time.

Going back to the start… How did you come to form the band?

We have been in bands together of various quality over the last five or six years, and due to various people leaving, moving or whatever we ended up as the three left in this one.

Where does the name Falling Stacks come from?

The main reason to form a band is to have the fun of naming it. But then the fun ends and you realise you don’t actually want to be called Bumgroper or whatever, and actually every single name you come up with sounds terrible, so you pick the one you dislike least. Also, we do, on occasion, sound like a chimney falling over, so it stuck.

What’s the music scene like in Bristol and how does it compare to wider Britain?

Same as most cities really, some good bands, some terrible bands, and it doesn’t always follow that the good ones are getting the best exposure. Bristol has an amazing musical heritage and is a city that supports its acts, but it does feel like more should be breaking out a bit and being a bit more outward looking. That said, it is a brilliant place to be, as there is an abundance of great venues to play, good people to play to, nice promoters to play for, and good spaces in which to rehearse.

Your EP seemed to go down well – tell us a bit about putting the record together… where did you record it and who did you work with?

We are really lucky in that we love the place we rehearse, and you can also record there using their gear, so we just do that. It means you go in knowing the guy recording you already, and knowing all the rooms and all the gear already so it is incredibly straightforward. Go in, bang it out, go home. Each EP took less than a full day to record.

What inspired the music on this record? Do you run with a certain theme or idea for your albums and how do you bring those ideas to life?

We have no real obvious themes or ideas but do have a general view of keeping things pretty concise but with as much packed in as we can. Always. Including in this answer.

Where did the concept for your White Wild Hare video come from?

It came from the dark recesses of the mind of the guy who made it. Again, we are lucky to know talented people and Hankins Films, who we are friends with, offered to do it for free. We gave them a very simple brief; we don’t want to be in it and do what you want. They ignored the first part but really ran with the second. It is 100% their work so all credit to them.

What’s in the future for Falling Stacks? What will 2014 be holding?

Firstly our Vizsla EP will be out before or near the start of spring, again through Battle. We really like it, and are looking forward to it being out there. There will be another EP in summer then hopefully a mini album before the end of 2014. We strangeley have zero gigs booked at the moment, which we really ought to get sorted out.

And… other than your own of course, what was your favourite record in 2013

Gavin – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Push the Sky Away
James – Polvo – Siberia
Matt – Pissed Jeans – Honeys


The Vizsla EP is released on March 24th. Get your hands on some of their music now, though via their Soundcloud Page.

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