the AU interview at SXSW: Maya Postepski (Toronto) talks Princess Century and Austra

the AU review recently sat down with remix artist, Maya Postepski of electro-group, Austra at SXSW. The Canadian artist talked to us about her project as solo moniker, Princess Century, “It’s all the stuff I’m not allowed to do with Austra and I do in my bedroom secretly” and, addressing what this means for the group, put to rest any fears of an assumed Austra breakup: “Don’t worry, everything is cool with Austra. We’re still together… We’re all kind of doing our own stuff.” Click through for the full interview…

We asked Postepski about her live solo performance, “It’s all instrumental music and I play a lot of it live…it has to do with improvisation. Every show is a little bit different I’m just going to completely improvise for an hour” and the artist shared the perks of working solo: “When I’m alone I can do whatever the hell I want.” Finishing up she let us in on her her mentality while creating her new music, “I tried to really embrace the idea of being in the moment… I hope people like it” and expressed her desire to tour Australia soon “I hope to see australia in the [summer!]”

Catch the interview in its entirety here:

Find out more about Princess Century and her music on her official website:

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