The AU Crew Poll: Who would you like to see tour Australia in 2012?

In this month’s AU Crew Poll, we asked ten of our contributors to tell us which artists they were dying to see perform live in Australia. As you will soon find out, most of our contributors had a lot to say on the matter!

Jay-Z, Depeche Mode, My Bloody Valentine and Of Montreal

“I don’t think any hip-hop experience will ever beat seeing Jay-Z in New York, but the undisputed king of the rap game has not had a headline tour here since 2006. With his buzz continuing to grow down here in Australia you can be sure this will be a big deal, if it ever happens again.

I’m sick of waiting. I had my chance to see Depeche Mode live in Chicago and I stupidly chose to see something else – a decision I still regret. I am eager to make amends for my poor festival planning and completely lose my shit when the inevitable tour happens – Harvest? Big Day Out? Someone needs to make this happen.

Please let the rumours of a Harvest appearance to be true because My Bloody Valentine is one live band that you will never want to miss. Witnessing them play in New York with very little knowledge of their material was one of the greatest overseas musical experience I have had – and one of the most distorted. They would create the perfect atmosphere wherever they end up playing – they just need to play!

Of Montreal are really, really quirky live. Costumes, glitter, and most of all fun. They also love covering classic songs out of nowhere, from Prince to Peaches – and they really know how to do a good cover. They haven’t been out here for a few years so here’s to hoping we see the band soon!” – Chris Singh

Nada Surf

“This would be a dream come true, although a little unlikely because they are one of the most unappreciated overseas indie bands here in Australia.” – Bree Cohen


“They’ve recently put out a new single and mini-album (both titled “Sherlock”) and honestly, I’m just crazy over them right now. I don’t understand a word of Korean but they’ve won me over with their prettiness and catchiness and crazy hairstyles and fashion and schmick dance moves (take THAT, One Direction! This is how boy bands should be done!) and it’s completely ridiculous but I can’t stop listening to them. Two months ago I would have told you Mutemath, hands down (and I’m freaking out that I do get to see them on Thursday night!) but there’s just something about SHINee.” – Erin Smith

Arcade Fire

“It’s been awhile since The Suburbs album was released but it remains one of my favourite albums. I saw them at Main Square Festival in France last year and was completely blown away by their live show. It would be great to experience it again.” – Justine McNamara

The Pixies

“Without a doubt the act I would take a bullet to see this year would be The Pixies. I missed them in 2010 at Splendour and earlier on in that same year at Brisbane. They have been touring extensively in the States this year and check their website every day to see if any Australian dates have been added. Pixies, please.” – Nick Leighton


“I saw her at Parklife last year but after their amazing genre bending album Masters of My Make-Believe, I’m dying to hear some of the new tracks live.” – Teresa Busuttil

Los Campesinos!

“They released their album Hello Sadness late last year, and they haven’t been able to make it over to our shores yet. They’re one of those bands that might not draw the biggest crowd, but they’d draw an incredibly devoted one. I’d travel to Sydney and then Melbourne just to see them twice.” – Jeremy Stevens

Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band

“Bruce Springsteen & E Street Band has not been to Australia since the ‘Rising Tour’ back in the early 2000s. The tour was beset with problems and seems to have put him off from coming back down here. Which is a real shame, his latest album is fantastic, and very relevant. He also consistently puts on one of the best shows in the business, with his shows regularly hitting the 2 hour mark and beyond, with little or no let up. If the likes of U2 and others can stage successful tours down here, it’s about time Bruce came back. It’d also save me having to fork out over $2000 to get across to either the States or Europe to see him.” – Simon Clark

Scar Symmetry and The Agonist

“I would kill to see Scar Symmetry and The Agonist, who are two bands that have yet to tour Australia. I would pay so much money for them to come here as I would follow the tour around Australia.” – Amanda Brenchley

Regina Spektor and Lana Del Rey

“With a new album expected to be released at the end of the month, 2012 could see Regina Spektor return to Australia for a third consecutive year. She was last here for Splendour In The Grass but festival goers said the surrounding stages drowned out Spektor’s performance in her only show in the whole world for 2011. Spektor herself was displeased, and publicly vented her frustrations with the set up through Facebook. Hopefully 2012 will see Spektor return to Australia allowing fans to give her the recognition she deserves.

Call me crazy, but I’m very excited for Lana Del Rey’s upcoming Splendour In The Grass sideshows. Originally intending to perform at the tiny venue The Toff in Town, the already infamous singer/songwriter cancelled her shows earlier in the year due to “unprecedented international demand” although many speculated this was in fact due to her shaky live appearance on SNL. I’m incredibly intrigued by Del Rey (have her lips been surgically enhanced, was she intending on hiding her past as Lizzy Grant?), and like many other ticket holders I’m eager to see her live show in person. Her first shows sold out in minutes she has since announced second shows in Melbourne and Sydney.” – Amelia Barnes