Terra Grimard releases enchanting documentary for her new LP The Water Album

It’s been seven years since her last album, but singer-songwriter Terra Grimard has returned with her third LP The Water Album, out now. The Canadian born, now Queensland-based, artist channels her love for the ocean into her latest release.

Water serves as a symbol of fluidity on the album, which Grimard says was written during a period of immense change. “I had moved to Australia and was out of my comfort zone, I became an auntie, and then a mum and got married. These songs are about learning to be like water. Let things go or go with the flow”.

Crafted across six years, the album organically blends keys, atmospheric electric guitars and samples. Early versions of the songs were written by Grimard on an acoustic guitar before being expanded further in the studio. The album was produced by Mike Ardagh in Toronto, with the two connecting via online sessions between Australia and Canada.

“I think the attitude has been that it’s taken all this time we might as well get every step right,” says Grimard. “Every single detail has been lovingly crafted.”

The AU review is excited to share an insightful documentary made about Terra Grimard’s The Water Album entrancingly filmed on Magnetic Island.

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