Sydney’s Highline share their 6 favourite B-Sides


What to put on the B-side for your about to be released single? Perhaps a conundrum almost as challenging as what to call the band. There have been some memorable B-sides over the past few decades. “Green Onions” from Booker T and the MG’s was the B-Side to their track “Behave Yourself”. “God Only Knows” from the Beach Boys was a B-side to “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”. Unbelievable! And Oasis released “Half The World Away”  as a B-Side to “Whatever”.

Sydney’s Highline have just released their own B-Side, “Things Just Change Sometimes”, on the flip side of their cracking new single, “Shy Today”. This 4-piece indie-rock outfit continue to impress. They write emotive rock, beautifully delivered with crisp heartfelt vocals and sweet guitars. “Things Just Change Sometimes” features a piano running through the track, in this deft switch of pace from some of their more upbeat tunes.

The band has made the most of the limited opportunities over the last eighteen months or so. They played a sold-out headline gig at the Oxford Art Factory in Sydney over Easter earlier this year. In 2020 they sold out headline shows at The Lansdowne, The Vanguard, and Freda’s. Prior to these recent releases, they released “Chasing Heaven” and “Staying Sane”, and their EP, Off Track.

Not doing things by halves, they’ve also released a beautiful clip to the track. It was filmed, directed and edited by Tom Dillon.

To celebrate the release of “Things Just Change Sometimes”, Highline has put together a list of 6 B-Sides which are favourites of theirs. Do give their own B-side a spin first, then read on. And, if you are in Wollongong or Sydney, they have a couple of upcoming gigs. Details below.


Highline’s 6 favourite B-side releases

Arctic Monkeys “Too Much to Ask – ” (B-side of ‘Fluorescent Adolescent’)

Arctic Monkeys are the kings of the 21st century B-side. Some of their best songs are hidden deep in the back catalogue. Other B-sides just from ‘Favourite Worst Nightmare’ that have to be checked out are ‘The Death Ramps’ and ‘If you found this it’s probably too late.’

Sam Fender “Howdon Aldi Death Queue” (B-side of ‘Seventeen Going Under’)

As a band we never seemed to agree on where we stood with Sam Fender, and then this song came and hit us right in the face. 2 minutes of madness.

Oasis “Talk Tonight ” (B-side of ‘Some Might Say’)

Talk Tonight was written on the band’s debut US tour after Noel ran off to San Francisco to find solace in a woman he met after a show. The song is one of Sam’s favourite Oasis songs of all time and is lyrically, one of the highlights of Noel’s legendary catalogue.

The Smiths “How Soon Is Now” (B-Side for ‘It Was Really Nothing’)

‘How Soon Is Now’ was deemed a B-side for the ‘It Was Really Nothing’ record due to the band’s label finding the track unrepresentative of the Smiths sound. The track eventually thrived as an A-Side 6 months later with that iconic sliding guitar line becoming a staple and true representation of The Smiths sound (ironically).

The Rolling Stones “You Can’t Always Get What You Want ” (B-side ‘Honkey Tonk Women’).

This song is a feel-good journey and arguably one of The Stones’ best songs, outperforming the single. It’s got that classic 60’s groove that Jim likes a lot. The choir, the organ, and the percussion really make it.

Tame Impala “Beverly Laurel ” (A part of Lonerism’s B-Side Album).

This b-side to Lonerism shows just how central drums are to Kevin Parker’s songwriting. It’s a very Kevin-Parker-sounding song, with a cool synth melody and trippy mixing effects. The floor tom and bass drum create a pretty fat and catchy groove; a fusion of retro 60’s Ludwig tone yet modern groove.

Justin Stewart Cotta

Upcoming Highline Tour Dates:

  • Friday 10th December – The Shy Postie – Wollongong, NSW
  • Friday 17th December – The Factory – Sydney, NSW – Tickets HERE

“Things Just Change Sometimes” is out now. You can keep up to date with Highline via their WebsiteFacebook and Instagram.

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