Sunsick Daisy take us through their debut EP Breathe In… Breathe Out

Credit: Evie Wonder

Kaurna/Adelaide indie pop-rock act and triple j Unearthed finalists Sunsick Daisy are quickly on the rise with their anticipated debut EP Breathe In… Breathe Out, released independently 24 November. Boasting the lead single “Underwater”, the relatable project delivers five dreamy shoegaze tracks addressing mental health struggles.

Produced by Jarred Nettle (Teenage Joans, TOWNS), Breathe In… Breathe Out comes after a year sharing the stage with the likes of Ball Park Music and The Buoys. Formed in 2021 with some members still in high school, the talent on show here is a testament to how hard Sunsick Daisy have worked to get where they are now and, more importantly, where they are headed.

We had the band go through the EP track-by-track to give us some insight into the meaning and making of the songs.


“Faith” is about imposter syndrome, doubting yourself and feeling like you’re not living up to others’ expectations. The song came about when Kane was jamming and playing around with guitar loops, melodies and lyrics, and called Sarah into the room where they were inspired to collaborate.

“Away From Me”

Kane and Sarah were talking about how frustrating it is when people take credit for your hard work and don’t acknowledge you, so they decided to write a song about it.

“I’m Coming Home”

“I’m Coming Home” is a love song about being reunited after a period of time apart. The verses convey a feeling of yearning and longing to ease the pain of your loved one when you can’t be with them.


This is one of the oldest songs we still play – it was written when Kane was bored and decided to write a fun, upbeat song because we always write sad songs. It’s always been a fan favourite so we decided to record it and put it on the EP!

“I’m Fine”

“I’m Fine” is about being the opposite of fine – when you’ve given everything and people still seem to expect more. The last line, a defiant ‘I’m fine’, sums up the feeling of being fed up with everyone asking if you’re okay when you’re clearly not.

Sunsick Daisy will be starting the new year strong with a Breathe In… Breathe Out launch show at Lion Arts Factory in Adelaide on 6 January, supported by Placement and Fan Girl. The band will also be performing at The Gasometer Hotel in Melbourne on 12 January with Fan Girl and Baby Shower.

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