Sturt Avenue release double single and announce forthcoming album

Ahead of their forthcoming sophomore album, Bury Me in the Garden, scheduled for release on November 23, indie family folk band Sturt Avenue have released two singles.

The soul-stirring tracks “Against the World” and “Still in Love” are two quite different sounding tracks. “Against the World” is an evocative track that explores the importance of embracing joy in one’s life. On the other hand, “Still in Love” is more ska influenced track that embraces the theme of maintaining connections with past loves.

Frontman Bryn sheds light on the distinct opposite journeys behind these two singles.

“In ‘Still in Love’, I poured raw emotions into lyrics devoid of metaphor. The band’s playful arrangement, with ska-esque horns and guitars, adds a touch of irony to the heartfelt sentiment. It’s an honest reflection of personal heartbreak.

In contrast, ‘Against the World’ took years to develop. The intricate guitar work and captivating hook were on hold due to my limited skills. It’s a reflection on losing something special and the struggle to accept its absence.”

The two singles are a taste of what to come ahead of the album release in late November. Bury Me in the Garden is a tribute to family ties, friendships, love and connections that bind us all together.

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