Stumbled Upon #015 – Anthonie Tonnon (Auckland, New Zealand)

In our 15th instalment of “Stumbled Upon”, we meet Auckland’s Anthonie Tonnon, and chat about his full length release, Successor out later this year.

Anthonie Tonnon

Website / Social Media:
Facebook / Soundcloud / Tumblr


Members & their roles:
Anthonie Tonnon – (often performing solo) songwriter, piano and guitar. Jonathan Pearce – guitar and record producer. Edward Castelow – bass. Stuart Harwood – Drums.

What music or artists inspired you?
The Mountain Goats, Jens Lekman, Lou Reed and ‘Berlin Trilogy’ era David Bowie

How did you get started?
I read a devastatingly written Metro magazine article about Auckland’s cocaine industry, and wrote a song based on it.

How would you best describe your live show:
A true story told through krautrock, guitar distortion and illusion.

What shows do you have coming up?
Keep an eye out on Facebook for upcoming shows.

Tell us about your latest release:
It is a full length album called Successor. It is almost entirely written in second person, like a pick-a-path novel. It comes out in March next year.

Where can I get your music?