Squid The Kid reveals new single “Cater” and five things about him

Credit: Jeremy Arifin & Sebastian Borkowski

Emerging Melbourne hip hop artist Squid The Kid has returned with mesmerising R&B single “Cater”, released 28 July.

Already recognised for his talents, Squid was a finalist for the 2021 Vans Musicians Wanted competition (judged by the likes of Denzel Curry and Sean Miyashiro of 88 Rising), as well as St. Kilda Festival’s New Music Competition. Influenced by melodic jazz rappers Loyle Carner, Mac Miller and Ivan Ave, the rapper has dropped a string of catchy singles since his 2019 debut “Wintertime”.

Produced by Michael Elia, the minimal electronic beat allows Squid’s smooth vocals to flow with the music for a chill statement. “Cater” reflects on the softer side of a relationship and is an observation of the lengths one would go to when completely absorbed by another.

“The origins of this song were from a misunderstanding that I had with my girlfriend at the time,” Squid The Kid explains. “My mind wasn’t clear, there was something bugging it. At that moment I realised what I wanted this song to signify. I really took reference from Destiny’s Child’s “Cater 2 U”, the main message of their song was how they just want to look after and care for their loved one.”

In the spirit of going above and beyond for whom you love, here are five things you may not have known about Squid The Kid to get you familiar.

  1. My sweet tooth

This may not sound deep, but to me it is haha. After any sort of meal I need some sort of chocolate otherwise my meal just won’t feel complete.

  1. I have the worst handwriting possible

For a guy who writes music a lot you’d think my handwriting would be decent, but it’s not even readable. I hope no one ever has the chance to see my songwriting book. Quick funny story – in year 12 my English teacher made me stay back at the library once a week for handwriting lessons, just so the people marking the exams could read it hahaha.

  1. Kozy Klothing

I guess by listening to my music, you get the feeling I love the winter and reference the word ‘KOZY’ a lot. Apart from music I really have a big passion for creating clothes, so to finally start up my own clothing brand mid 2021 was a pretty cool thing. So cop some cool merch if you’re reading this 🙂

  1. A bit superstitious

There’s just something about sleeping on the right side of the bed, like no matter where I am, whether it be a mate’s house or hotel, if I’m not on the right side I feel crazy uncomfortable and can’t sleep. Just a fun fact haha.

  1. My favourite colour is green

Forest green to be exact. So if you decide to get me something, if it’s green, it’s mad xx.

Squid The Kid will be hosting a “Cater” launch show at Laundry Bar in Melbourne on Thursday 4 August, supported by Julia Nostrom and Dan Dibb. You can get your tickets HERE.

“I’m so excited about this next headline show. I’ve of course done a couple other gigs in the past few months, but there’s nothing like your own headline show. I get to just simply be me and I’m most keen on showing how far me and the band have evolved as musicians in the fourteen months, dating back to my last headline show.”

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