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Thunder Fox

Sydney’s Thunder Fox have just released their second album, Sanctuary, and it’s truly a hotbed of creativity. Straddling genres, from gospel to RnB and everything in between, it brings out the best of the talented quintet.

In the runup to its release, they dropped three singles,  “Not For Sale”, “Love You 2” and “Head In The Clouds”. At thirteen tracks long, there is much to love. It’s a total bop, with soaring vocals, beautiful harmonies and cascading grooves that will get you up and dancing. It swings, it’s funky and with some killer horns, these guys have to be a lot of fun live.

About the album, lead singer Sam Dawes states: Sanctuary is our second full-length album which marks the dawning of a new era for the Thunder Fox in many ways. After having a couple of members leave the band and experiencing a few other obvious setbacks during 2020/21 we needed a second wind.”

 “As an artist it’s really easy to lose motivation and focus when faced with challenges that draw you away from your art such as band member turnaround and, say, a global pandemic. As such, I think we all really felt the need to pick up where we’d left off somehow and find some momentum by creating again. With the addition of  Case Bass the Bass Ace to the crew, it was a great change to dig in to some new and improved sounds and try to reshape our art in a way we had yet to explore.”

To celebrate the release of Sanctuary, the band has announced a national tour from January through to April. Dates and ticket details are below.

Take a listen to the album, as you have a read of the artists and producers that have influenced the band.



Innovation, talent and swagger sums up the cocktail that is Kyoshi, one of our long-time favourites in the Sydney scene. Kyoshi are a 4-piece that draws heavily from retro psychedelic and neo-soul sounds, blending them with seriously progressive musical ideas that play liberally with time and tone to create a luscious concoction of goodness.

Their self-titled debut album dropped in 2021 and is an awesome glimpse into what this talented bunch, fronted by keys-and-vocal-enigma Leah, is capable of. Get to one of their shows for a mind-bending experience that you’re not likely to forget anytime soon.


STUMPS is a Sydney act with a habit of writing anthemic songs that just won’t leave your head, and quite honestly with all the bullshit we’re fed these days I couldn’t think of a more appropriate time for such a band to emerge.

Soaring vocals brimming with impressive passion take the lead in STUMPS songs, with singer Kyle’s vocal hooks merging with seriously danceable beats to create sounds that are guaranteed to make you feel nice things all over. Check out their debut album All Our Friends for a glimpse into the STUMPS experience.


If all you’ve ever wanted is a band that manages to blend the glorious mayhem of a Lord of the Rings battle scene with white-hot riffs reserved for only the apex of musical technicality, then look not an inch further than Battlesnake. These weapons are long time friends of ours and I can honestly say that they are the best at what they do.

For the full Battlesnake experience, attending a live show is a must. You’ll see 6 handsome young men dressed in medieval chain mail and speedos, wielding their instruments like some medieval Mad Max inspired villains while they sing songs of dragons and demons, topped with classic metal-esque tones and shredding guitar solos to boot.
Listen to their 2020 EP ‘Myths and Legends from Gorbag’s Domain’ for a taste of The Snake.


Vocal extraordinaire and all-round force of nature Rissa is one to keep a close eye on as she continues to stir the pot with a run of releases that effortlessly drip style and attitude worthy of a queen. Rissa’s sound is unmistakably polished, with innovative production taking a prime position alongside flowing vocals and rich harmonies. The nod to legends such as Erykah Badu is unmistakable in her songs and, along with influence from contemporary projects such as Silk Sonic, Rissa weaves between retro R&B sounds and the crisp tones of modern pop to create something that is uniquely her own. Check out her latest single ‘I Know Better’ now!

On a side note, we’ve worked closely with Rissa over the years as a backing vocalist on our shows with the vocal trio The Hunnies, and it’s so awesome to see her smashing goals with her own project too!

Beso Palma

Ear candy, attention to detail and sex appeal is the music of Beso Palma: the Sydney based multi-instrumentalist and producer making waves in all the right pools. Hinting at the sounds of heavyweights such as Kaytranada, Beso Palma makes music that you feel deep in your chest and that stirs the body to movement. The man has an obvious talent for crafting insanely lush soundscapes, which have seen him collaborate with some of Sydney’s hottest artists (including Rissa on their track ‘Ego’) and which will see Beso Palma continue to mark his place as a producer at the forefront of the game.


Justin Stewart Cotta


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Justin Stewart Cotta

You can keep up to date with Thunder Fox on their website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube 

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