Some of Australia’s finest live music photographers have put their works up for sale for the first time

With the COVID-19 shutdown bringing the arts industry to a standstill, there are plenty of ways you can help out those affected by the current crisis.

The first port of call for the Australian music scene is the Sounds of Silence website – an industry initiative to bring together various industry bodies to collate efforts to get help to those that need it.

One of the groups within the sector who also are hard hit, are the hard-working photographers who bring you images from the gigs, festivals and behind-the-scenes to the fans. As you would expect, their income has pretty much evaporated overnight.

An initiative brought together by two of the stalwarts of the Sydney live-photography scene, Josh Groom and Peter Dovgan, have collected together some of the finest music photographers in Australia. They have created a website which showcases some incredible images of Australian gigs and festivals from over the years, many unseen before, and made them available for purchase.

The site, CAPTURED: Photographers in Lockdown has just gone live and can be reached HERE.

Featured photos include the likes of Peking Duk, Grace Jones, Amyl and the Sniffers, WAAX, Foals and more!

Samples of the work of each of the nine photographers can be found on the site, with links to their vast catalogues, to allow further browsing.

All images can be purchased in three different sizes and posted anywhere in Australia.

A commonality amongst the photographers is that each of them utilise Canon cameras and lenses.

Head to for all the details.