Siobhan Cotchin shares new single “How Does It Feel?” and top five touring tips

Perth country-rock artist Siobhan Cotchin is quickly proving herself as one to watch on the rise with a slew of new music this year. The five-time WAM Award nominee released her latest single “How Does It Feel?” on 22 Nov, accompanied by the announcement of a national tour in December.

Cotchin returned to Tone City Recordings in Perth with Sam Ford (Birds of Tokyo, Psychedelic Porn Crumpets) for the project. “How Does It Feel?” is the third single since her debut EP Highways and Heartbreaks – released 31 March – and one of her most striking. The track signals a shift to a more rock direction, drawing inspiration from influences such as The Smashing Pumpkins and Hole.

“I had the lyrics for a while and wrote the melody and chords after watching a Baby Animals documentary,” Cotchin explains. “I was so inspired by Suzie DeMarchi and her powerful vocals and just pure rock n roll energy, so I wanted to recreate it in my own way.”

Bright electric guitars and crisp drums lead an upbeat verse of warm vocals and emotive lyrics. A minimal yet catchy chorus drives the song forward to a shift in the bridge with a rocking groove.

“How Does It Feel is about being with someone that doesn’t give you exactly what you deserve. Instead of returning the love you give them, they just take it and take you for granted. The message I want listeners to take away from this song is to never change for someone else and know your worth.”

Cotchin has emerged as a nominations leader for the 2022 WAM Awards, winning in the categories Best EP, Best Vocalist and Best Country Act. She also had a successful BIGSOUND showcase in Brisbane this year, with further performances at Good Day Sunshine Fest and Country Sounds Music Festival. In support of the release, the singer announced a nine-date national headline tour kicking off in Melbourne on 1 Dec (get your tickets HERE).

On that note, Cotchin has shared her top five touring tips in preparation of the national run.

  1. Take care of yourself! – This is probably the most valuable piece of advice I’ve gotten from friends who have toured. It’s so important to practice self-care, especially in a high-stress environment like touring, and it will really make the experience more enjoyable. I make sure I’m getting enough sleep, eating food that nourishes me, doing my skin care routine, moving my body and also taking care of my voice (drinking tea, vocal steaming). It’s so easy to burn out on tour, so I make sure I’m constantly checking in with myself and doing what I need to do for self-maintenance.
  2. Give it your all – I always give 110% every time on stage, regardless of the venue, how big the audience is, or where I’m at mentally. I give the best performance I can because I’m such a perfectionist and can’t do anything half-assed! I think with touring, it can get repetitive, playing night after night, but I just remind myself that this is what I’m destined to do and that I love it. Bruce Springsteen says that he plays every show like it’s his last. I carry that philosophy with me to this day.
  3. Check in on your crew – I’m so lucky to have such incredible humans around me, they are the best people in the world. I think it’s so important to check in with them and see how they’re going, making sure they’re all good and ready to rock. I’m so glad I get to tour with my band, and have Mum and Amber my manager along for the ride too! It’s so important to check in with your pals and make sure they know that you’ve got their back.
  4. Party hard! But not too hard… – This ties in with the self-care tip, but it’s so important to let loose and have fun. When we get off stage, there’s a lot of adrenaline and excitement, so it’s hard to wind down. I love having a few drinks after I play and hang with the band to relax, but I try and make sure I’ll get enough sleep! My rule is to not drink after midnight, I rarely get hungover because of this rule! Thanks Mum…
  5. Be in the moment and have fun! – This is an important reminder for me. As someone who struggles with anxiety, I can get caught up in my own head, worrying about the future, any mistakes I made the night before on stage or just existing. I always try to remember what I’m grateful for and make sure I’m allowing myself to be in the moment and have fun. Usually as soon as I get on stage, all that anxiety melts away, so I’m still working on how to cope pre-gig! Touring can be scary, but remembering why you love music and that you deserve to be there is so important.

“How Does It Feel?” is available on all streaming platforms and you can get tickets to the national tour HERE. Follow Siobhan Cotchin on Facebook and Instagram for more.