Single Stream: Marble Lion "Old Man" (2012)

I think it’s fair to say most of the Australian music industry is battling a fierce hangover today – that’s if they’re even awake. So we thought we’d treat them – and all of you – to a new discovery. For fans of bands like Boards of Canada, we have a new outfit from Montreal called Marble Lion, consisting of members Jeremy Jacobson, Jordan Juras, and Karl Thelen. It’s a beautifully constructed piece full of ambient, ethereal vocals and instrumental loops. This is a new single from a band who released an EP at the end of 2011 and seem to have a lot on the agenda for 2013! Look forward to hearing more…

Grab their music!

Upcoming Show Dates:

Montreal, QB: Nov. 30th
Midnight Sun Launch:

North Hampton, Mass: Dec. 6th

Toronto, Ontario: Dec. 7th
Pop Montreal afterparty:

London, Ontario: Dec. 8th

Windsor, Ontario: Dec. 9th

Photo: Lea Grobecker.

Larry Heath

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