Richard In Your Mind + Fishing + The Laurels – RAOB GAB Buffalo Club (24.09.11)

The Buffalo Club is the latest hipster retreat to open its doors in the CBD and the vintage 90’s crowd were in fine form as they lazily sat back and watched Sydney duo Fishing doing their thing. Fishing are beat making maestro’s and their live mixing is inspired. Their party jams would be better consumed at a later time slot as the general atmosphere of the venue at that early hour of the evening didn’t gel with their sound. Their set was enjoyable though and their cover of TLC’s “Waterfalls” went down a treat.

Next up were The Laurels who are an incredibly tight live act. This band has a massive sound and they slayed it onstage with the intense atmospherics and their energetic delivery. Piers Cornelius’ vocals were completely lost in the mix, but their droning, shoe-gaze noise was utter bliss. The Laurels are onto something special with their decadent jams never sounding self-indulgent as they played upon their primal instincts to great effect. According to the notes I hastily scrawled on the night – they’re loud, they’re tight, they’re hot, I like them. Here’s hoping The Laurels tear up Melbourne again soon.

Richard In Your Mind have a very relaxed presence and they wooed the crowd with a fun show that saw them showcasing the new material from their latest LP Sun. Their music is lovely, mind-bending, psychedelia and the tunes sounded even better live then they do on record. The players seemed to really enjoy themselves onstage, with the band cracking into a bottle of bubbly to celebrate Sun’s release and casually poking fun at each other between songs. Highlights of the set included cracking renditions of “Vision” and “She Took The Sun Away” and some funky tambourine moves courtesy of Alyx Dennison. Richard In Your Mind delivered a fantastically flamboyant performance and it was great to finally see one of Australia’s more innovative bands strutting their stuff onstage.