Photo Gallery: Ngaiire + Srisha + Clarissa Mei – The Lansdowne, Sydney (21.11.19)

Ngaiire has returned to the live scene after an extended break, and it was a rapturous crowd who enjoyed the sold-out show at the Landsdowne last night.

The supports Clarissa Mei and Srisha were both excellent, and have enjoyed the benefit of being mentored by Ngaiire earlier in the year. It was a solid start to the evening.

Ngaiire’s set was introduced by a short film, shot in her Papua New Guinea, with her mother doing the voiceover. It was a moving introduction, styled impeccably as is all things which Ngaiire is involved in.

The show was high energy with a razor-sharp band. Billie McCarthy and Michael Duchesne as always were the benchmark for backing vocals.  A Ngaiire show is always very special, and this lived up to her impeccably high standard.

Check out Bruce’s photos of the evening.

Bruce Baker

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