Photo Gallery: Fairgrounds Festival – Berry (06.12.19 – 07.12.19)

The 2019 Fairgrounds Festival has come and gone and it was another cracking edition.

This is truly a festival for all ages, catering to a wide variety of music tastes.  Female artists were well represented at this festival. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

The Friday night started strongly, with Clews and Hatchie up on the main stage early.


The Babe Rainbow gave us their hippy groovy vibes.

The Babe Rainbow

Dope Lemon continued the chilled vibes on the main stage.

Dope Lemon

.. and on the smaller Windmill Stage, the Pinheads caused mayhem for 30 blistering minutes. Their set was high octane and totally mindblowing. These guys are something live.

The Pinheads

That was Friday wrapped up. The beers were cold, the food stalls were excellent, there were no dickheads and the security team was chilled.

Saturday rolled around and it was worth getting there early for Stevan. We have been a fan of his work at the AU for a while now, so it was good to catch him live.


We were charmed by Nilüfer Yanya from the UK, then The Lemonheads hit the stage, in a surprisingly early set.  The strength of their songwriting shone through, and it was great to see them back on our shores again.

The Lemonheads

Kasey Chambers charmed all and sundry. It’s 20 years since ‘The Captain’ was released, and it got a solid airing. Those songs never tire, and Kasey’s easy charm wins you over, every time.

Kasey and Bill Chambers

Julia Jacklin is back in the country after touring extensively overseas. Her latest album, Crushing is undoubtedly one of the best of 2019, and many of the tracks off it were played.

Gerry Cinnamon from Scotland was high-energy and engaging, without his usual band. There were enough folk from the UK in the audience to ramp up the atmosphere for him.

Meg Mac is always a highlight at a festival. This was no exception. Her voice is exceptional, and the number of fans in the crowd who knew every word to her songs was mightily impressive.

Meg Mac

The DMA’s are one of the finest live acts in the country. The quality of their songs, the guitars and Tom’s voice is a killer combination.


And to finish the night off, we had Liam Gallagher. Yes, he played plenty of Oasis, he was in a playful mood and the crowd had a fucking great singalong. It was a great end to a great festival.

Liam Gallagher

Other notable mentions over the weekend were The Buoys, Andy Golledge, Annie Hamilton and Fritz.

Check out Bruce’s photos below.


Bruce Baker

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