Photo Gallery: DMA’S + Hayley Mary – The Hordern Pavilion (08.04.22)

DMA’S finally got to bring their The Glow tour to Sydney at The Hordern Pavilion last night. It might have taken them two years, but it was worth the wait. Always fabulous live, they put on a faultless show to the adoring crowd. It was packed to the rafters and a massive euphoric sing-along.

With Hayley Mary in support (with a cameo from Johnny Took on harmonica), it was everything live music should be. Bruce was there to bring you these photos.

Set List:
Never Before
The Glow
Game of Changing
In The Air
Tape Deck Sick
Hello Girlfriend
Play It Out
Believe (cover)
Lay Down
Feels Like 37


Bruce Baker

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