Photo Gallery and Live Review: Kesha – ICC Sydney Theatre (11.10.18)

I’ve been looking forward to Kesha‘s Rainbow Tour ever since it was announced, and from the moment the stage lit up with Kesha making one hell of an entrance through an alien spaceship, there was absolutely no doubt that this would be an insane night of weird, whacky and wonderful fun. And as if that wasn’t enough, kicking the night off with “Woman” on the night of ‘International Day of the Girl Child’, had fans cheering and celebrating from the start. This was certainly more than just another tour for Kesha and fans alike, screaming “I’m a motherf*cking woman, baby, alright! I don’t need a man to be holding me too tight!” and being able to just let go and enjoy the night.

Satisfying both new and old fans, “Blah Blah Blah” was up next, and not only did it send some nostalgia through the crowd, but it certainly kept the energy up and ready for the rest of the night. Dedicating “We R Who We R” to the LGBTQIA community, there was an absolute roar of pride in the theatre, which was nothing short of spectacular to witness.

What was great about this night, is that both Kesha and fans were feeding energy off each other the entire time. Seeing her take her strength and experience in stride while having thousands of fans sing back such killer lyrics was an incredible sight, and if there was ever a sense of community, this night was it. This last night of the entire tour was definitely a celebration, with streamers and confetti flying left, right, center- pretty much everywhere and throughout the entire set, and everyone in the room seemed to absolutely love it.

Kesha finished off the night with a ‘pretend last song’, ie. before the encore, with “Blow”, and I honestly wish the night didn’t have to ‘pretend finish’ so soon. Heading back on stage shortly after, Kesha introduced support act Ben Abraham on stage with her, and launched in to the one and only “Praying”, with fans going wild with happiness. You could feel Kesha’s emotion during this, and it was such a bitter-sweet moment hearing those words sung and remembering the past, but also remembering- and witnessing just how much stronger and successful she’s been since the release of this track, until now and towards the future.

And of course, what better way to end the night with the #1 song that shot Kesha in to immense popularity, “Tik Tok”? It was met with a standing ovation from the masses in the seats, and although I knew it was the end of the performance, this party definitely did not stop!

Kesha’s performance was absolutely phenomenal, and I’m certainly going to be keeping my eyes peeled for when she decides to come back for another tour. Included below is my full photo gallery from Thursday night’s show in Sydney.