Perth’s King Brown gives us their favourite local venues, bands and haunts

King Brown

Perth continues to enhance its reputation as a creative hub, with resident rockers King Brown dropping their debut EP, Out In The Desert last month.

It’s a quality collection of six tracks. It’s a bit bluesy, with some surf-rock leanings and superb story-telling. The strong vocals and searing guitars are a standout. It’s an exciting blend of sounds that are quintessential Australian guitar rock, yet absolutely of our time.

The four-piece is comprised of Brendon on drums and vocals, Shaun on guitar, Ash also on guitar and Ben on bass and backing vocals.

Whilst taking a listen to the EP, you can have a read of the boy’s insights into where to go in Perth, sharing their favourite haunts and also local bands which have caught their eye.


King Brown’s WA

The band’s top picks for the favourite venue, band and local haunt


Fave spots – Food wise a continental roll from Little Loaf Bakery in South Freo is a big recommendation.

Band Old Mervs have been absolutely smashing it over here in Perth recently, go and check them out! Granny Griggs are also on the rise, always a good vibe at their shows.

Place to go – The river in East Freo’s always nice to chill at, or Clancy’s for a beer. There’s always a good gig on down there.


Brendon loves to go to any bar that serves up ice cold beers on tap. He went through a phase of hunting down old dingy taverns to take in the shaggy stained carpets, tacky decor, the multiple lingering smells and to sit back and enjoy a session of people watching.


Fave spots  – Scarborough is my go-to for bars (special mention el grotto), coffee, grub, live music and surfing.

Band – Psychedelic Porn Crumpets are number one in Perth, seeing them rise to an astronomical level of rock n roll has been awe-inspiring.

Place to go – At late hours, Joe’s Juice Joint is great for beer, liquor and sick old school music.


Fave spots  – Fremantle for sure, such a good vibe and so many bars and restaurants to go and interesting sights to see. Scarborough is also one, close to home and has good venues for food and drink, plus a nice beach.

Band – From the past I like both the Eurogliders and Johnny Diesel. Present bands it’s either out of Verge Collection or Old Mervs.

Place to go – Bells Rapids and Lesmurdie falls are great spots for a hike with scenery. Guildford is a really nice place to go for the day, special mention to the taxidermy museum on the main strip.


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