Marnie Stern touring this October

Marnie Stern is a rising star in today’s music landscape and boy can she shred. But what makes Stern better than any of the other hundreds of guitar wizards is her uncanny ability to somehow transform the most complicated guitar acrobatics into beautiful and concise pop. Hers is an art suitable for everyone from the harshest critic to your Mum and kid sister.

Coming from the Upper East Side of Manhattan, Marnie admits she didn’t listen to “good” music (her words) until she was 23. The first thing she heard that made her head spin was Sleater‐Kinney, followed a few years later by Hella, Boredoms, Melt Banana, etc. A Don Caballero video introduced her to the fingertapping technique she now uses expertly. For the last several years she has played guitar for “at least” three hours a day because she feels guilty when she doesn’t play. And it paid off, Marnie is one of the rare artists who was signed to KRS after sending in a demo tape.

Clearly, Marnie Stern’s life and music are not easily separated; which is why Marnie Stern the record and Marnie Stern the person have REAL personality. Listen to any of her records and you quickly realise Stern lives in between the lines of chaos and harmony.

Touring Australia for the first time, you can catch Marnie Stern at one of the following shows:

Thursday, October 6
TONE Surry Hills, Sydney
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Friday, October 7
Northcote Social Club, Melbourne
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Saturday, October 8
The Bakery, Perth
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Check Marnie out showing off her skills in her opening set for The Flaming Lips in LA last month: