MANE and Nat Vazer amongst the first announcement for NYC’s The New Colossus Festival 2023

New York’s The New Colossus Festival has announced its 2023 lineup – and it’s humongous.

Started in 2018, The New Colossus Festival has established itself as the first stop in the US for many emerging international artists. Like CMJ before it, the event carries New York City’s long-standing tradition of welcoming artists and are looking forward to sharing their love of music with the community they’ve built over the years.

The festival has previously featured Australian artists such as Ali Barter, Shady Nasty, Body Type, Wolfjay, Jaguar Jonze and Tia Gostelow and continues to flex its international showcasing muscle in 2023.

This year, that new music includes Australia’s own MANE and Nat Vazer.

Self-taught MANE (real name Paige Court) has spent the last few years transforming the music she makes from a pastime that brought herself pleasure, into a career that brings happiness to others.

Her latest album, Coping Mechanism (2020) showcases her female-powerhouse inspirations (Florence and the Machine, Hayley Williams, St Vincent, Lorde, Kimbra and Billie Eilish) and harnesses them into something that is uniquely her own.

Coming out of Melbourne, singer-songwriter Nat Vazer continues to tour her debut album, Is This Offensive and Loud? (2020).

Released in 2020 on Hotel Motel Records the album was nominated for the 2020 Australian Music Prize and Vazer was also nominated for Best Breakthrough Act at the 2020 Music Victoria Awards.

The two Australian acts join a long list of international artists set to perform at the event.

Here’s full list of first wave announcements:

36? (CA)
802 (CA)
Adwaith (UK)
Anthony OKS (CA)
Arverne (US)
Astronomies (NO)
Ava Vegas (DE)
Bloomsday (US)
Blushing (US)
Bonnie Trash (CA)
Boy With Apple (SE)
boy wonder (CA)
Buff Ginger (US)
Bummer Camp (US)
Claudia Bouvette (CA)
Clea Anaïs (CA)
Colatura (US)
church crush (US)
Data Animal (DE)
Day & Dream (US)
Dead Tooth (US)
Deep Sea Peach Tree (US)
Diary (US)
Dirty Freud (UK)
Father Koi (US)
Fears (UK)
French Cassettes (US)
Gäy (DK)
Hang Him to the Scales (US)
Heaven For Real (CA)
Helen Ganya (UK)
Her Dark Heaven (US)
Her Skin (IT)
High. (US)
His His (CA)
Hoorsees (FR)
Hope (DE)
InCircles (US)
J. Pastel (US)
Jane Inc. (CA)
Jeanines (US)
Jolé (UK)
Julia Logan (SE)
Kali Horse (CA)
Keegan Powell (CA)
Keeper E. (CA)
knitting (CA)
Lahnah (US)
Lauren Lakis (US)
Laveda (US)
Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys (DE)
Lukka (US)
Marci (CA)
Mary Shelley (US)
Monsoon (US)
My Son The Doctor (US)
Nat Vazer (AU)
Naya Ali (CA)
O. Wake (US)
Oh Imanuela (UK)
Pale Dīan (US)
Phillip Jon Taylor (UK)
Picture Show (US)
Plàsi (SE)
Pons (US)
Poster Paints (US)
Public Body (UK)
Pulsr (US)
Punchlove (US)
Ringing (US)
Robber Robber (US)
Roost.World (US)
Saloon Dion (UK)
Secret American (US)
Shallow Waves (CA)
Shanghai Qiutian (CN)
Shred Flintstone (US)
Sid Simons (US)
Silverbacks (IE)
Slow Fiction (US)
Slut Magic (US)
Snotty Nose Rez Kids (CA)
Sobs (SG)
Spirits of Leo (US)
stranger waves (US)
Teenage Halloween (US)
Ten Minute Detour (CA)
The After Hours (US)
The Garrys (CA)
The Pleasure Majenta (DE)
The Tarrys (US)
The Vices (NL)
Two-Man Giant Squid (US)
Web Hex (US)
Windier (US)
Work Wife (US)
Wynona Bleach (UK)

Their next TNC Festival kicks off on Wednesday, March 8, 2023, and runs until Sunday, March 12. The festival and its industry conference is an opportunity to discover new music at iconic Lower East Side NYC venues such as Mercury Lounge, Berlin, Arlene’s Grocery, Bowery Ballroom, Bowery Electric, Heaven Can Wait and Pianos.

If you’re in the area and are planning to attend The New Colossus festival, get yourself a full 5-day badge for a neat and tidy (“the price you’ll pay. No hidden surprises later.”) cost of $123.60.

To get yourself a badge, head HERE.

To learn more about The New Colossus festival, and discover how you can be a part of the festivities, visit their website at