Maggie Slater shares her top five must-haves for a writing session

Credit: Tegan Beswick

Far North Queensland indie-rock artist Maggie Slater is quickly proving herself as one to watch. The singer has a distinguished ability to write honest and passionate songs that move you, physically and emotionally, and bring them to life onstage. Her latest single “Pulp” – released 16 Nov – is her first new music this year and channels frustration and catharsis in her most compelling track yet.

A poignant intro of picked electric guitar and arresting delicate vocals grip you for the verse then shake you when the full band kicks in for the anthemic chorus. Inspired by Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, the defeated lyrics sung with a raw energy contrast the quiet verses and make for a liberating bridge and final hook. It’s as introspective as it is provocative and this sense of uncomfortable relatability leaves you playing it over and over.

“Pulp explores the detrimental impact of unhealthy early relationships that many young people, particularly women, experience when they’re young,” Slater explains. “The song examines this dynamic retrospectively, making space for feminine frustration and pulling influence from female-fronted rock bands of the ‘90s and ‘00s.”

In support of the release, Maggie has shared her top five must-haves for a writing session when creating new music.

1. My guitar and pedals – I have a Fender Jaguar and it is by far the best guitar I’ve ever played. In the past year or so I’ve gotten into finding new sounds with pedals and it’s been a huge inspiration for my songwriting/sound.

2. ADHD/stimulant medication – I was diagnosed with ADHD at the start of this year and it’s been completely life-changing in so many ways, but my improved ability to be creative and articulate myself through my writing has been a huge one. There’s obviously lots of things I can do to help mediate my symptoms, but if I want to not end up with six different half-songs taking my meds before I plan to sit down and work on music is definitely a no brainer.

3. My laptop – I really like being able to see lyrics I’m working on in front of me and my brain is usually moving too quick for my pen to keep up, so typing is a good alternative. Plus, I can record myself (I’m terrible for finding the perfect line/melody for a song and then immediately forgetting it as soon as it leaves my mouth).

4. A notebook and lots of markers – I’m a big fan of a colourful brainstorm/flow chart to get my ideas in order. I never feel like a song is done until I’ve written it out neatly in my notebook and drawn a couple little doodles next to it.

5. Black coffee or very milky tea with lots of sugar (mood dependent) – Having a hot cup of something when I’m writing is always really grounding for me. Plus, our garage where I usually write/play is not insulated (like AT ALL), so it’s usually pretty cold in there.

“Pulp” is available now on all streaming services. Follow Maggie Slater on Facebook and Instagram for more.