Live Review: The Night Terrors + Forces – The Toff In Town (07.07.12)

The Night Terrors mesmerised the audience for a brief but exciting set that lasted forty minutes. They took over The Toff In Town to launch their new 12” Monster/Lasers For Eyes that’s taken from their forthcoming sophomore LP.

Opening for them however was Forces, a hardcore Eurotrash band, whose live show is made for the boozy good times with a strobe light display that was intent on inducing an epileptic fit. The boys and their music exude attitude with a rowdy set that would have been better placed at 2am at the after party, rather than the early hours of Saturday evening. Regardless, the synth maestros are a formidable pair who are good fun live and fucking loud to boot.

Miles Brown of The Night Terrors cuts an intimidating figure as he stands poised gracefully before his theremin, deftly creating sonic bliss with the tightly controlled movements of his hands. Watching them live is like magic. The band seem to pull sounds out of the air and weave them together to produce aural orgasm that is at times brooding and moody and always intensely thrilling to witness.

Their horror rock stylings have progressed from being purely instrumental to their newer tunes now including some sparse vocals thrown into the mix. The spooky noise made by the theremin slices through the heavy synth riffs making for a stark, yet beautiful contrast in their sound.

It’s difficult to verbalise the atmosphere they project through their music but it is definitely emotionally raw and heavily intoxicating. The Night Terrors emote and connect with their crowd who were all pulsing along like beings possessed. The whirlwind that ensued seemed as though it was a dream when the show came to an end and the punters were released from their trance.

You need to experience this band live. Music like theirs is a rare treat and The Night Terrors are masters of their craft who use visual projections, lighting and theatrics to temporarily transport you to another place – somewhere dark and dangerous where all of your fantasies will come to fruition.