Live Review: Playwrite + I, A Man – The Phoenix Public House (26.05.12)

  • Kat Mahina
  • May 30, 2012
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Locals I, A Man have a good sound and their sweeping, spectral arrangements are incredibly dreamy live. Opening with “Five Four” from their latest EP You’re Boring Us All the band immediately got the crowd’s attention with the ambient beauty of their music. I, A Man definitely aren’t show ponies with the four piece possessing an understated presence, preferring to let the music do the talking and fortunately this is something they do very well with a set that was so sonically luscious it overwhelmed the bandroom.

Their tone is sombre, but comforting and while it would’ve been nice to see them push the limits of their skills on stage (the live versions of their songs barely deviated from their studio work which is something I have a vast personal aversion to) their music is just so Goddamn pretty that it was impossible not to get carried away in the moment.

Playwrite are a cacophonous spectacle and their set was adrenalin fuelled mayhem. The six-piece pull sounds out of the primordial miasma and blend them together to create joyous melodies that are captivating, intelligent and easily accessible to the masses. By the time they took to the stage the bandroom was packed to capacity and the audience fell under the band’s spell, completely consumed by the vibe they had created.

They are a very energetic band who play in an uninhibited fashion as they lost themselves in the music. The audience was enshrouded in darkness as strobes took over and the room became awash in a mess of sweaty, flailing limbs as people got messy revelling in the band’s enthusiasm. Their orchestral noise is akin to sonic orgasm and with such an intensely fun presence the experience of being engulfed by their live show was similar to the sensations felt while knocking back rounds of tequila slammers and talking shit with a few of your favourite people in the whole wide world.

In short – is Playwrite, is good. These guys are destined for greatness and the launch party for their latest single “Borderline” at the soon to be defunct Phoenix Public House made for the kind of legendary chaos that will forever remain etched in the hazy remnants of hipster history.