Live Review: FOLK CLUB Featuring Evan and the Brave + The Falls + Jordan Leser – The Soda Factory (15.05.13)

Sometimes all people want is a drink and song. Halfway between a small gig and your friend’s living room, the Folk Club embraces all that is cosy about folk music while giving artists the chance to perform at full force in front of an audience they can actually see (and talk to afterwards).

Folk Club now has its home at the Soda Factory in Sydney each Wednesday night. This week, there were performances from Jordan Leser, resident band The Falls and Evan and the Brave.

Jordan Leser put on an emotive performance with deep piano work and nostalgic tunes. Her boots were off – a testament to the homely vibe. The low stage was the perfect setting for her moody ballads and unique voice.

The Falls showed that music could be both beautiful and soulful. They have their roots in nights like these and have been regulars at Folk Club over the past two years, including at “Hotel Hollywood” around the corner.

“Folk club’s back and it’s back to stay!” says Melinda Kirwin, also barefoot.

Alongside Simon Rudston-Brown, the Falls harks back to traditional folk while securing a passionate, onstage presence. Their harmonies melt among the intricate guitar work with a profound on stage chemistry channelling the powerful vocal dynamics of any sixties superduo.

We heard some new songs among the singles “Home” and “Million” with “Girl That I Love” as the favourite of the night.

Evan & the Brave wrapped up the live proceedings with an energetic, dynamic performance verging on the edge of folk: “Sorry, we only have one folk song!” Daniel Mifsund tells the audience. The four boys weaved through poppy harmonies, loud percussion and many elements giving their sound a warm lushness reminiscent of fellow Aussies Augie March.

In between sets there was only room for the finest recordings – Bon Iver and Bob Dylan among others and with the $5 Pulp Kitchen setup it seemed that everyone was happy to stay.

The Folk Club is set to take place at the Soda Factory every Wednesday. Photos provided by Antigone Anagnostellis.