Live Review: Eliott + Morgan Bain + Shannen James – Northcote Social Club, Melbourne (06.07.19)

Melbourne was treated to a wonderful selection of artists on Saturday night as Eliott celebrated her release of “Shaking My Hips” by performing at Northcote Social Club alongside Shannen James and Morgan Bain. It may have been a late night out, but it was worth braving Melbourne’s cold travelling to Northcote to see all three of the artists on show.

Shannen James was a wonderful opening salvo for a late starting evening, but the impatience on having to wait so late into the evening was quickly overtaken by the wonderful vocals of Shannen and her flowing tracks.
Morgan Bain brought a heavy emotionalism to the night before Eliott. His set proved him as an incredibly talented individual and demonstrated his sheer ability as a songwriter throughout his unfortunately short set. His voice was breathtaking as his many transitions and holds on notes had the room holding its breath as he belted his lyrics, a voice easily fit for a bigger venue.

Morgan Bain

Eliott treated the packed room to a multitude of emotions throughout her set captivating her patrons from the start, She opened with her first release, “Figure It Out” to heavy applause and the song which helped to launch her career in the pop/indie scene.

The set also included some of her more recent work off of 2018 EP, Bold Enough, rolling through tracks “Close To Me”, “So Tired” and “Calling” early in the set. “Circles” and “Photographs” were some other wonderful editions to the set, particularly “Photographs”, the slower number acting as a foil for the set setting a beautiful tone for the ending run of the set, it made it easy to focus on the magic Eliott was producing while recognising the depth of heart the lyrical work has.


You have to have a special appreciation for Eliott’s work as an artist, using her swelling vocals and heavy hitting lyrics to draw you in almost immediately. This hard work as an artist has translated to a wonderful live performance as Eliott was able to use her disarming personality and incredible vocal prowess to leave you feeling every note that she produced.

The night was a wonderful one, with all three artists capable of tugging at the heartstrings of the listener. Eliott used this to put together a brilliant celebration of the new single with Shannen James and Morgan Bain put on stellar opening sets to further their respective Melbourne fan bases.


Eliott’s tour continues on this week heading through Newtown at The Vanguard.