Book Review: Morgan le Fay takes centre stage in Sophie Keetch’s Arthurian retelling Morgan Is My Name

Beginning with the tale of Arthurian villainess Morgan le Fay, Sophie Keetch‘s Morgan Is My Name marks the start of an exciting new historical fantasy.

Following Morgan from the death of her loving father and his replacement in the form of the brutish Uther Pendragon, to her eventual escape to the court of her young half-brother Arthur, Morgan Is My Name is an engaging tale of defiance and power, with tantalising glimpses of magic simmering just below the political surface.

Keetch does a marvellous job of evoking time and place, crafting a novel that blends historical fiction with historical fantasy with ease. Although leaning rather more into former in this instalment, appearances from Merlin, the mysterious Ninianne, and Morgan’s own growing powers feature more than enough to make it clear that there’s plenty more of the latter to come.

It’s all too easy to become invested in Morgan. She’s defiant, but intelligent enough to know when to play the game; ostensibly good, but oft ruled by her passions and her temper; powerful, but who knows to what extent? Knowing even a little of Morgan’s eventual place in Arthurian legend, Keetch’s characterisation lays the foundation for everything that can – and likely will – be used against her in the coming books. And if Morgan Is My Name is anything to go by, we readers will be absolutely FURIOUS about it.

A compelling reinvention of one of legend’s most, well, legendary villains, Morgan Is My Name is a promising start to Keetch’s series. With the expectation of plenty more magic to come, fans of both historical fantasy and re-imaginings of mythological women will find plenty to get excited about here.


Sophie Keetch’s Morgan Is My Name is out now through Oneworld. Grab yourself a copy from Booktopia HERE.

You can read our interview with Sophie Keetch HERE.

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