Live Review: Didirri + Ro + Kat Edwards, 170 Russell, Melbourne (30.08.19)

Over the weekend Melbourne’s 170 Russell was tuned into the emotional works of Didirri, with a bustling crowd eager to hear his works lining up early the night was a grand success as both Didirri and Ro saw the launch of ‘Tea Stains’ off in Melbourne. The two were joined by Kat Edwards, who opened the night with a sense of softened zest.

Kat Edwards certainly came to open the night with some impact, taking the stage early before a stacked lineup of Ro and Didirri came later. Kat certainly had flair, and while she did not do a lot of talking up on stage she didn’t have too, with her music doing the talking for her. Kat’s set was short but included most of her 2017 album Sunk including “Darling” and “Stranger In My Room” as well as her new track “Good Girl”.

Kat Edwards

Ro put on a main opening set to remember taking the fire of Kat Edwards earlier performance and channelling it into her own. Her set followed the same script as Kat Edwards’ with the short set focused on her fan’s favourite tracks. “F**cked Up Over You” and “Diary” featured amongst many newer tracks that look to be along the way. Ro’s on stage presence was fierce with a definite attitude that she exuded, it worked to great affect bringing a further sense of fun to her set.

Didirri has a natural charm that exudes compassion and this theme is evoked through his writing and vocalisation. Friday night’s performance certainly had this essence thrown in, and while his live shows have a tendency to be slightly more energetic and lively thank the recordings, Didirri never once let go of his music nature during his hour set.


The set was inclusive of Didirri’s well known recordings, as regular showings “Bird Sounds” and “Blind You” were a present force on his set list, yet it was the live rendition of “Tea Stains” with opener Ro that really held the attention of the crowd. While Ro’s set was a hearty rock fest, her presence for Tea Stains was mooted, with her and Didirri’s vocals harmonizing brilliantly at 170 Russell.

Of course, Didirri’s set wouldn’t be complete without “I Can’t Get Last Night Out of My Head” or “Jude” making an impact as both songs featured making a wonderful addition to the evening channelling Didirri’s passion for his music.


Four Stars (out of Five)

Didirri’s Tea Stains tour continues this week in Adelaide on the 7th.