Kyü + Oscar and Martin – The Workers Club (30.10.10)

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You’ve got to love Melbourne and their enthusiasm for the arts, which is so strong that even mild flooding in the CBD and a 24 hour torrential downpour wasn’t enough to deter eager punters from heading along to the Workers to see


launch their debut record. Supporting the Sydney siders on their big night was local act
Oscar + Martin
, the band formerly known as Psuche. 

Comprised of Oscar V. Slorach-Thorn, Martin King, tape loops, MPC pads and other random instrumentation, Oscar + Martin make music that is a joyous blend of electronic glitches and hip-hop with acoustic shoe-gaze sensibilities. For a couple of dudes onstage with laptops and other electronic paraphernalia, they put on a good show that was engaging and fun. Keep an eye out for Oscar + Martin as they prepare to launch their latest single “Recognise” next month. 

Freya Berkhout and Alyx Dennison have been making waves on the local music scene with a recent support slot with
Xiu Xiu

and High Places, and the release of their eponymous debut LP. Kyü are billed as the next big thing in experimental pop. Fortunately they lived up to the hype with a sublime live show that was something akin to a religious experience with the blend of chants, soaring harmonies and tribal drumming that is a feature of their sound.

The girls perform captivating sonic experiments that are ethereal, unnerving and gorgeously constructed. They have a commanding stage presence with just the two of them switching between playing keyboards, glockenspiel a floor tom and bass drum. Their sparse instrumentation was complimented by their divine vocal harmonies and they whipped up a massive atmospheric sound that is reminiscent of both Celtic, African and contemporary pop music. 

Kyü’s music speaks for itself, with little crowd interaction from Freya and Alyx, the two were intently focused on their sound and delivered stunning renditions of “Sister”, “Koj” and “Sunny in Splodges” with the girls stopping to beat the rhythm on their own chests. They are a great musical partnership and seem to be able to read each others minds onstage as they effortlessly executed a flawless set that was wrapped up all too quickly with the killer track “Pixphony”. 

If you are yet to experience Kyü, than go buy their record and head on down to their next live show in your city. Freya and Alyx make music that is breathtaking in its simplicity and offers a refreshing view on modern pop. Kyü are stunning live and their album launch will remain one of the highlights of 2010.