King Cannons – King Cannons (2011 EP)

Melbourne based six piece King Cannons make music that is a little bit punk, a little bit reggae, a little bit roots and a whole lotta rock. This is a genre I’ve never cared for but even to my skeptical ears their self-titled EP is a well crafted release that showcases the band’s obvious talent and enthusiasm for their sound. King Cannons play with so much passion and energy that it is impossible even for a hater such as myself to dislike this release as the music exudes excitement and fun with a nostalgic whimsy for summers long gone.

Opener “Gasoline” sets off at a frenetic pace with front man Luke Yeoward’s vocals delivered in a venomous fashion. “Smoked Out City” is the perfect travelling song for a big boozy road trip with it’s slow building melodies that explode into a fantastic sing-a-long chorus ‘in a smoked out city on a two wheel cruiser, lookin’ for the Big Kahuna’. Radio spruiked single “Take The Rock” is the definite highlight with it’s catchy riff and Yeoward’s impassioned cries, which is a striking feature of their sound that elevates King Cannons from being simply a fun band, to a band that plays with heart and soul. “Teenage Dreams” is another infectious dance-worthy gem that is sure to have you up and moving. “Time To Yourself” ends the EP on a relaxed note with it’s comforting laid back reggae grooves.

The King Cannons EP is a fantastically fun release from a band who play with a shambolic swagger and endearing energy. Their music makes me want to scull whiskey, chain smoke and grind on table tops with a reckless abandon. Turn the stereo up and loose yourself in their good time vibes.

Review Score: 7/10