Interview: Tyne-James Organ (AUS) on his latest single, teasing his EP and his influences.

  • Tait McGregor
  • June 18, 2019
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Tyne-James Organ is a Wollongong singer-songwriter who YouTube named as one of their ten ‘Artists To Watch’ for 2019. And rightfully so – this 22-year-old has been making waves online, amassing an impressive YouTube following from uploading stunning covers and collaborating with musicians Allday and Mallrat to name a few.

Currently touring around the nation in Lime Cordiale‘s festival, The Squeeze, and having just released his latest single, “Something New”, Tyne is set for a big year including the release of his debut EP. We caught up with him to chat about his new tune, his musical influences, and dogs.


Hey Tyne, how are you? Where are you right now?

Heyo, I’m very well thank you. I’m just at my house in Melbourne packing to drive to my mum’s tomorrow ahead of the show in Sydney on Saturday!  

Congrats on the new single, “Something New” which is out June 13. Tell me about this single, because it’s well-known how personal the contents of your songs are.

Thank you so much, I’m so happy to finally have a new single out. Feels like “Graceful” came out forever ago. This song lyrically is a follow up from the story of “Graceful”, but I guess when I went through that bitter stage of processing everything from a breakup. When I say bitter I don’t mean this person was bad or any of that, but because they broke my heart, I went through a moment of resentment and felt angry. I think it’s a pretty common feeling, I just decided to write about it. It’s definitely in a very personal world for me, as most of my music is.

You’ve garnered a pretty dedicated audience through posting covers on YouTube, including Frank Ocean and MGMT. What artists would you say have greatly influenced your music?

Yeah, starting off on YouTube was a great platform for me and many others that are doing it. In all honesty, I’d bore you with my list of all my influences as there are so many, but I’m going to be straight up and tell you my biggest influence for my music is my family. My dad was a musician and he inspired me to do this. When it comes to being onstage he taught me everything I know. My mum, my sister, my nan and my dog inspire me everyday. They are my world. I get it might come across as some whack wanna-be-indie thing to say, but genuinely they inspire me more than anything.

You really broke into the scene with the heartbreaking “Watch You Go”, which you then followed up with the boppier “Graceful”. Is this a good cross-section of your debut EP that we can expect? How would you describe the sound?

I think it’s a good cross section, but also every song is so different. I don’t really feel like I have a sound. I write songs about moments and chapters of my life, and even when I write numerous songs in a week they will never sound the same. I want people to feel from my music. Not just move and vibe it, really feel what I’m saying and let the music around it take them wherever they need to go.

Any updates as to when we can expect this body of work? 

EP will be dropping really soon! 

Will there be any tracks debuting at your Splendour spot? Any surprises in store for that set? 

I feel like this is a bit of a trick question haha. If I tell you it will ruin the surprise. But if you come you will know! I’m coming at Splendour with everything I’ve got.

Where else can we catch you this year? Will there be a headline tour on the horizon?

We will definitely be doing a big run for the release of the EP. 

On a final note to end on, describe your ultimate doggo. 

That, my friend, is easy. His name is Nigel Organ.

Thanks for your time, Tyne! 

Thanks for this. Big love and Merry fucking Christmas x



Tyne-James Organ‘s new single, “Something New“, is out now.

Keep up with his latest news on his website.

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