Interview: Remi Wolf on competitiveness, reinvention and Juno

Remi Wolf is a Californian artist making it on to every ‘Must Watch’, ‘Next Generation’, ‘Rising Star’ list with her boundary-pushing pop that is changing the music landscape.

She became a global sensation with her I’m Allergic To Dogs! EP which features hits “Photo ID” and “Disco Man” – a follow up to her 2019 You’re A Dog EP. Now rounding out the trilogy is her debut album Juno, affectionately titled after her French bulldog whose name was inspired by a Roland synth.

It’s a fluorescent collection of odd-ball sounds and psychedelic instrumentation with Remi using vivid sporadic imagery to paint her songs. She’s captured the attention of Still Woozy, Beck, John Mayer, Kenny Beats and more with her progressive sound that challenges what pop music can sound like.

“We have a lot of different sounds and toys and drums and stuff that we use, and we’ll both mess around on different instruments,” she said of her experimentation with her longtime collaborator Solomonphonic. “It’s organic. Like it’s the weather. It’s what I ate that day. It’s like what time we start writing. It’s just… there’s so many factors at play, I think.”

Coming from a Junior Olympic level skiing background, Remi has a natural streak of perfectionism and competitiveness that feeds into her hyper-particular songwriting. She uses it to filling her “puzzle” of music while “constantly want to write a better song than [she] did the day before”.

We sat down to discuss her debut album, her first tour back from the pandemic and the meteoric rise of Remi Wolf – watch the full chat below.

Juno is OUT NOW!

Main image credit: Alma Rosaz

Tait McGregor