Interview: Press Club provide their camping tips ahead of Festival of the Sun

With Festival of the Sun soon approaching, punters are invited to get space-y as the Outer Space theme for this year is bound to produce some great moments out in Port Macquarie. Ahead of the event, we get to know a little more about the artists set to grace the stage – first up, Brunswick’s own, Press Club.

Who are you and what band do you play in? What do you do in that band?

I am Iain MacRae. I play bass guitar, write the music with the rest of the band, and answer these questions.

Great! Hello Iain. Meeting you is the best. Today we’re talking about Festival of the Sun in Port Macquarie! Firstly, have you played it before. If so what were your experiences last time? If not what have you heard about the event and what are you looking forward to about it?

Nah, I haven’t played up there before. I haven’t even been to Port Macquarie so I’m keen to get my boots on the ground and check it out. I’ve heard it’s in close proximity to the beach, which bodes fantastically for me as I am part fish. I also love the sun so wanna soak a fair bit of that up if poss.

Top 3 things you have to do at the beach, go! (This festival is on the beach)

1- Repatriate with the fish side of my family.
2- Cautiously flirt with UV radiation with the aid of claggy, white gels.
3- Get absolutely bollocksed by a wave while having an in-depth conversation about French impressionist art with someone that I’m trying to impress.

Top 3 things you have to do when camping! Go! (This is a camping festival)

Step 1- Set up tent.
Step 2- Barely use tent.
Step 3- Regret setting up tent.

Specifically for those who aren’t familiar with your music, what can we expect from your set at FOTSUN?

A vibrant, lackadaisical display of pent up emotional turmoil in the form of loud guitars, drums and a hysteric front person.

What are YOU expecting from the crowd at FOTSUN and perhaps more generally the festival itself?

I’m flyin’ blind. No idea what to expect. I like it that way, can’t wait!

Are there any other acts yours excited to see? One stage = no clashes!

One stage best idea. Well done, Port Macquarie. Keen as to see Bad//Dreems and a spot of Oscar Dawson shredding with Holy Holy can’t hurt…

Tell me a little bit about 2017 to date for you / the band? What have been some of the highlights? 

It’s been a big year. We played our first show in February. We’ve played 50 gigs since then and have written a stupid amount of music too. That’s my favourite part of the biz – the writing and recording. We’ve played some pretty unbelievable shows this year. Lots of big sold-out shows with some killer Aussie and international groups like Japandroids, Ceres et. al.

Other than FOTSUN, what does the rest of the year hold for you?

Still got a pretty full dance card into ’18. After FOTSUN, we hit the legs to Berry for Fairgrounds Festival the following day. Then we’re off to Tasmania for Falls Festival and we hit the legs again for NYE ON THE HILL in Victoria the day after that. A few sporadic gigs around Victoria and NSW here and there too. Lot’s of hittin’ the legs. 

Plug your latest song and/or album here!

Two weeks ago we released our second song. It’s called ‘My Body’s Changing’ and is pretty short, fast and loud. It has a live clip that goes along with it that has the actual live audio. The studio version is up on Spotify for the listeners.

Festival of the Sun is taking place from December 7th – 9th. For more information about the festival, visit here.


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