Interview: Jeremy Zucker answers your Reddit questions and talks CRUSHER

Jeremy Zucker was the sound of SoundCloud 2018 when his tracks “Comethru” and “All The Kids Are Depressed” went viral, establishing himself at the frontline of the bedroom producer pop wave.

Fast-forward to 2020 and Jeremy was gearing up for a world tour off the back of his debut album love is not dying, only to have those dates naturally cancelled from the pandemic.

“I finished love is not dying and the tour was going to make that project and that time of my life feel like it had some closure and I never got that,” he said. “So it was really hard to start writing music again, after sort of not closing the page on that.”

But he soon found inspiration in turning the dismantled relationship that fuelled his debut, into a new form of passion for his sophomore record CRUSHER.

“This album was definitely like… it details the transition of me feeling really not good and like sort of a dark place following my last album to where I am today. It’s a bit of a chronicle of like anger and lashing out into almost like a celebratory f**k you energy,” he said of the body of work.

We discuss releasing his most personal record to date, answer some of fans’ Reddit questions and gear up for his upcoming US tour BELOW:


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