Interview: Eddie Rawk on his latest release “Memories”, inspiration and the vision for Eddie Rawk Band

The modern country music powerhouse, Eddie Rawk Band, released their latest single “Memories” last Friday, 11th August. “Memories” is an upbeat country-pop song reminiscing on the highs and lows of a true first love story. The single follows the band’s February release “My Life’s Road” which showcased more vulnerable songwriting and a rather traditional country music sound.

Eddie Rawk Band first made their debut in 2019 with “Take Me Home (Red Dirt Road)” a single that charted at No.2 as AMRAP’s most downloaded track. Ever since, the band has been releasing music and performing to packed crowds in some of Australia’s most iconic country music venues and festivals.

I’ve been chatting about all things “Memories” with the band’s frontman and songwriter, Eddie Rawk. Here’s what he had to say:

Excited for the new release! Tell me what “Memories” is all about?

“Memories” is about reflecting on your first love, reminiscing on what went wrong in the relationship in an effort to learn from your mistakes. It also reflects on the good times had in the relationship, the dreams the couple had together when things were going well, which inevitably made it so hard to let it go. The song touches on taking responsibility for ones own part in why it didn’t work out, and accepting that now all you have left is the memories.

You went for more of a pop sound this time, following the banjo infused “My Life’s Road”. Tell me about this decision.

I like all different styles of country music and enjoy experimenting with different genres. I am a big fan of the traditional country cowboy singers such as Chris LeDoux but also love the more modern stuff like Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton and The Wolfe Brothers. I appreciate pop, rock and metal music as well and it all comes across in what I put out to the world.

“Memories” is inspired musically by early 2000’s Keith Urban and 1990’s Bryan Adams. It is still a blend: a pop country melody and a banjo line over a rock beat.

I don’t really want to be labelled to one style. We have so far released songs that were very different in their sound – country-rock, country-pop (For example, “One Last Time”(2021)) and we are currently writing new material that will showcase even more variety.

So how did that country music direction come to you while being so versatile in your musical interests?

My first original bands that I was forming ever since high school were more metal and rock genre focused. That was my main musical interest at the time. We done some good shows, we supported Rose Tattoo and Electric Mary at one point. Later in life I started to take interested in country and pop music. I had a dream to step foot in Nashville and play bigger festivals. At the time, 2018, I was living with my granddad and he encouraged me to try my luck at the Tamworth Country Music Festival. We drove up from Melbourne and set camp there just the two of us, I was busking everyday until I got noticed and offered some bigger gigs at the festival for the following year. I was so inspired by that first trip and that was when I wrote “Take Me Home (Red Dirt Road)”, it was about that road trip experience. That was when the Eddie Rawk Band journey began!

You boys came a long way! What are your plans for the future?

Our plan is to release singles constantly and to keep out songs spinning on radio and on streaming platforms. Just to try and bring as many people as we can joy through our music. We are currently writing a full length album that we are looking to release in 2024 with Clive Young, a golden guitar winner, so that is the next big step.

Eddie Rawk Band will hold their single launch for “Memories” at The Oak Tree Tavern, The Basin, VIC on Saturday, 26th August. They will also be performing at the Wangaratta Reg Fest on Friday, 1st December.

For more show dates and updates on the band follow them on their socials and on their website HERE

Listen to “Memories” HERE

Header image credit:Tim Doig Photography

Anna Blaby

Anna is a Melbourne based mum, writer and storyteller.