HOKO’s favourite NYC spots: Eats, Beats and Treats

New York outfit HOKO have just released their first fully realised collection of material, HEATHEN. As they look to their home city re-opening following the worst of the Covid-19 pandemic, the trio share their favourite spots for eats, beats and treats in New York City that will serve as a guide for locals and visitors a like.

The center of the world: NYC. There are so many amazing spots here that it’s a little hard to pinpoint but here are a few of my favorites.


My favorite coffee/breakfast spot is CnB Cafe in the East Village (178 E 7th St). Great people, vintage records spinning, amazing food and fresh baked bread.

There is an incredible vegan Ethiopian spot in Bushwick called Bunna Cafe (1084 Flushing Ave). If you’re in the area it’s definitely worth checking out. Jungle Cafe in Greenpoint (131 Greenpoint Ave) is another great vegan restaurant, and pictured above.

Cafe Mogador is great Moroccan (101 Saint Marks Place, East Village). Oasis Falafel in Williamsburg (168 Bedford Ave) and the Aussie style cafe Five Leaves (18 Bedford Ave) are both staples.

Good Dinner spots to check out are Miss Lily’s East (109 Avenue A), and Takahasi (85 Avenue A) just down the street in the East Village.

Best late night food is Punjabi Deli (always open at 114 E 1st St). This is a classic spot that not many people know about. It’s a taxi driver hang for great Indian take out and Bollywood treasures. It’s cheap and amazing as long you don’t mind eating off of a styrofoam plate. I’ve eaten many after-bar meals here at 3am and it never disappoints.


Our favourite guitar shops are: SouthSide Guitars (303 Grand St, Brooklyn), Rivington Street Guitars (73 E 4th St), and Main Drag Music (50 S 1st St, Brooklyn).

And The Guitar Shop NYC (225 34th St, Brooklyn) where guitars and bass guitars are built in house by Jimmy Carbonetti and Mas Hino.

A great record shop to check out is Rotten Island Records (4 Stanwix St, Brooklyn).


Van Leeuwen Ice Cream (multiple locations in Manhattan & Brooklyn) is a good time. The vanilla ice cream from one of their shops is incredible.

For a really special movie going experience, check out Metrograph (7 Ludlow St) and Nitehawk (136 Metropolitan Ave), which offer dine in and bar service during the movie.

Some fun bars to check out are Niagara (112 Avenue A), St Dymphnas (117 Avenue A), Josies (520 E 6th St), Hudson Clearwater (447 Hudson St), and get yourself a great chicken sandwich at The Commodore (366 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn).


HEATHEN is out now. Head to HOKO’s Official Website for more details. And check out their single “Big Mistake” below. 

Photo of New York taken at the Empire State Building by Larry Heath. Other photos from Jungle Cafe, Miss Lily’s, Main Drag Music and the Nitehawk are supplied by the venues.