Free live music to arrive in Sydney every Friday this month

This May, Sydney’s Seymour Centre will be introducing a new weekly event to its annual calendar: Seymour Nights.

The night is part of the venue’s contemporary music program, and will kick off this Friday – May 7th – with two sets from beloved alt-bluegrass outfit The Morrisons.

The night kicks off just after sunset, at 6pm, and runs for two hours in the courtyard of the venue (though the gigs will move indoors in the event of wet weather).

The rest of the events will feature two artists at each show. The headline act will hit the stage at 7.10pm, while the opener will start at 6pm.

Friday, May 14th:

With the sentimentality of ’70s inspired harmonies, Australian four piece ‘Epic Folk’ band The Heart Collectors have graced stages around the world, accomplishing three international tours and releasing four studio albums. The group will be supported by a multi-instrumentalist singer/songwriter from Newcastle, Australia, and former drummer of Papa vs Pretty, Tom Myers

Friday, May 21st:

Stiff Gins (pictured) combine stunning harmonies and wicked senses humour to transport listeners to a world of joy, spirit and song. Their moniker is a reclamation of an offensive reference to Aboriginal women, a banner to guide their music in the direction of strength and pride.

The duo will be supported by Saije, an award-winning, contemporary folk duo whose soulful harmonies, dynamic guitar-lines and percussive breakdowns breathe life into heartfelt stories.

Friday, May 27th:

If there is one enduring, almost mythical, storyline in music, it is the ‘bedroom to big stage’ success story, a story that Brisbane’s Robbie Miller has been living.

Fresh from his performance on Q&A, Robbie will be closing out this special season with Nardean. Nardean effortlessly traverses rap, singing and poetry in a genre she describes as ‘post-hop;’ influenced by hip hop, while also drawing on elements of neo-soul, electronica, glitch and RnB.

Gussy performs at the Courtyard Sessions 2020, at the same venue. Photo by Nathan Atkins.

The Agape Organic Food Truck will be on hand to feed everyone, who will enjoy the live show under the venue’s fairy lights – and a drink or two from the venue’s bars.

The event is licensed, All Ages – and pooches are welcome too! It’ll be the perfect way to relax after a busy week. Bring some friends, enjoy a meal and a drink, and celebrate the return of free live music in the city.

Seymour Nights is supported by the NSW Government in association with the City of Sydney. 

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