Festival Review: Sesh And The City returns to celebrate Brisbane’s sesh lords

After the breakout success last year on Ekka Eve, Sesh And The City has graced Brisbane for the second time with a top billing line-up and a Saturday takeover at Brightside. Ambitious to compare Brisbane to New York? Hardly. Is there any correlation with Sex and the City other than the punny name of the festival? Read on and find out.

The surreal separation of the two stages made it feel like two separate events were taking place. Outside, in the cutting wind of an unusually chilly Ekka Eve weekend punters had the choice of acoustic sets by The Letter Elle and Kitty O’Dowd, as well as a DJ selection by DJ Sweaty Baby (can confirm he wasn’t that sweaty on the night).

On the inside was a completely different scene. Sex scenes like a bad Netflix original in the bathroom, merch mongers dancing on benches, Young Henry’s circulating and loud, raw tunes booming from the pit. The night progressed from dreamy courtesy of Aerborn and Kaypo to outright death circles with Pandamic. It wouldn’t be a night for bangers in Brisbane without Brisbane darlings FeelsClub making an appearance too.

Highlight of the night, Pandamic’s cover of “Rock Lobster” by the B-52s. Lowlight of the night, watching my beer get knocked off the ledge. Headliner of the night, another Brisbane sweetheart – Jeremy Neale. 

Swinging between crunchy rock hits and funky, eighties inspired electro-pop bangers the APRA AMCOS ambassador seems to cover the broad spectrum of everything Brisbane is offering at the moment. He can “Swing Left” into a real crowd shaker much like the aptly titled song, as well as get the crowd “Dancin’ & Romancin”.

Disclaimer: The AU Review acknowledges the writer has exceeded their limit of puns to text ratio at this point.

Ultimately, there was no greater symbolism detected to explain the festival’s decision to name it Sesh And The City, other than the realisation that who doesn’t love a good sesh? And Brisbane is truly producing some amazing sesh lords in the music community of late. No doubt, Sesh And The City’s round three in 2020 will be even bigger and better.


Sesh and the City took place at The Brightside in Brisbane on Saturday, 10th August 2019.

Artwork by Phoebe Roe.

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