Photo Gallery: Splendour in the Grass Festival – Byron Bay, Day 3 (24.07.22)

The sun was shining as we entered the grounds of Splendour for Day 3. I can’t say the mud has dried out, but whatever. We were ready for tunes and good times.

It was another action-packed day. King Stingray rocking their surf-rock vibe at the GW McLennan. Then it was onto Andy Golledge and his all-star band.

The Snuts were probably my favourite discovery of the overseas acts. Polished songs, great frontman and top band. Check them out if you haven’t already.

Pond always put on an incredible show. Frontman Nick Allbrook has the moves and the panache every time.

Genesis Owusu was incredible on the mixup stage. He literally took my breath away with his performance. No wonder he won so many ARIA’s.

Julia Stone, warmed our hearts, singing of love and love lost. Her brother Angus guested, much to everyone’s delight. Babe Rainbow made everyone wish they could be rockstars. It looks so much fun.

Liam Gallagher sang our favourite Oasis tunes, including the epic¬† ‘this is fucking Wonderwall’, and was on good form.

Speaking of mindblowing, Amyl and the Sniffers were incredible. No wonder there is so much hype about them. It’s well founded. Amy Taylor is an explosion of energy.

You can check out Bruce’s photos of the night. See you next year Splendour!

Bruce Baker

Probably riding my bike, taking photos and/or at a gig. Insta: @bruce_a_baker