Exclusive Video Premiere: Tessa Bird “If You Want Me” (2021)

Tessa Bird

Soul singer Tessa Bird has just released “If You Want Me”, the follow up to her debut single “The Heavens Did Protest” which was released in July this year. You might recognise Tessa from her performing with her sister for the past ten years in their band Sitara. She has since launched her solo career, and we are thrilled today to have the exclusive video premiere for “If You Want Me”.

This is a beautiful moving track. It’s sultry and sensual, honest and moving, visceral and heart-warming. She writes about her experiences of unrequited love over the course of her dating life, expressed with humility and honesty.

The clip was shot by her long-time collaborator Simon Kither, featuring Adelaide actor Max Garcia-Underwood. Tessa took inspiration for the song and the clip from her favourite ’90s RnB pop tunes and added authenticity to the feel of the clip by using real super 8 footage.

Tessa has spent over fifteen years in the TV and film industry as a professional actor, which comes as no surprise once you’ve viewed the clip. The mood of it fits the song like a glove and draws the viewer into Tessa’s world.


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Header image credit: Chris Herzfeld

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