Exclusive Video Premiere: Sam Marks “Wash Over Me” (2022)

Sam Marks Wash Over Me

Sydney-based indie musician Sam Marks has been releasing songs under his own name since 2020, and last month dropped the dreamy “Wash Over Me”. We’re thrilled to be premiering the video for this track today, a blissful melancholic odyssey.

Sam has a beautiful husky voice with great range, suited to touchstone folk or ripping blues, and uses it to great effect in “Wash Over Me”. The track has a dreamlike quality to it, with a vagueness that gives space to the listener to draw their own conclusions.

Sam describes the background to “Wash Over Me”: “I often feel disconnected or detached from reality, moving in a strange and distant motion, like common reality is far ahead and I’m unable to catch up. I’ve used lyrics and metaphor as an evocative tool to build feeling and colour that relates to my experiences.”

The track has a rawness and sincerity to it, with his vocals drawing you in, with emotive guitar lines perfectly paired with the dreamy narrative.

“Wash Over Me” was produced by Callum Howell (Ocean Alley, Le Shiv, The Rions).

The clip was directed and produced by Ben Marks of Dreamstate Creative. As with the song, it has an indistinct yet calming and introspective feel to it.

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