Exclusive Video Premiere: Saiyon “Kerosene” (2021)


Melbourne-based Saiyon produces an enthralling blend of alternative R’n’B’ and electronica, and we are thrilled to be premiering the video for “Kerosene”, ahead of its release on Thursday. In an era where mansplaining and repression of women is still all too prevalent, “Kerosene” is a celebration of a young woman who is feeling empowered and confident to rise above.

Saiyon explains: “”Kerosene” is about getting to that point where you can’t avoid confrontation any longer. It is the most empowering feeling, when you finally stand up for yourself. We wanted to create imagery of this powerful storm that has been silently brewing, referencing fire and wind to symbolise this unstoppable force of nature.”

With a driving beat, kick-arse vocals and a steely defiant groove, “Kerosene” burns bright. The video complements the song perfectly. Shot in a variety of locations, the fearlessness shines through, against the darkness, the starkness and the remoteness.

Saiyon shot the video with YBY Creative in Adelaide and environs.

Talking about working with YBV Creative, Saiyon said: They have really amazing directors on their catalogue and have worked with some great artists. I was so excited to work with Directing Duo Hiball. Both Stanton and Alex are incredible at what they do and I loved the concept that they brought to the video.”

And about the video itself: “The overall theme of the video is about unleashing your power; this was shown by shooting in extreme locations and environments, as well as using light to create this surreal and “otherworldly” aesthetic. The lyrics in the track reference the four elements (Earth, Wind, Water and Fire) throughout the song, so it was important to connect the lyrics with the visual.”

Enjoy the premiere of the video for “Kerosene”, which will be released this Thursday, 8th July 2021. You can pre-save the track HERE

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