Exclusive Video Premiere: Pretty Thrills “Sober” (2020)

Pretty Things

Sydney pop-rock band,  Pretty Thrills have recently released their second single “Sober”, and we are really excited to be able to bring you today the Exclusive first look at the video for this gem. It follows on from their debut release “Flames” which came out late 2019.

The song deals with the oft-seen drunken arguments, where unsaid truths become said, and then forgotten the next day. Lead singer Max Donnellan explains:
“‘Sober’ is a song about the toxic breakdown of a relationship and how sometimes it’s easier to hold onto what was broken instead of letting it go. It’s about two people who shouldn’t be together but love each other and how true feelings come out when they’ve been drinking but in the morning it’s as if it never happened.”

The emotive vocals, driving drums and glistening guitars deliver a hell of a tune. The boys are about to drop their self-titled debut EP, on the 22nd of May. Drop by their socials, which are listed below, for further details on this one.

The video was produced by Joseph Giuffrida in Cohouse Studios in Roseberry, Sydney.

In the meantime, give this one a spin.

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