Exclusive Video Premiere: Paris Irwin “Tendons” (2021)

Paris Irwin

Brisbane-based singer/songwriter Paris Irwin has put another step forward on a steep career trajectory with the release of her latest track, “Tendons”. This dark, broody pop song examines the end of a toxic relationship, with the protagonist calling time because she wasn’t being treated appropriately. Her partner tries to pile on the guilt, but she has the realisation that her path is the best way forward. We are thrilled to be premiering the video for this atmospheric track today.

About the video, Paris told the AU “This music video is one of the coolest things I’ve ever had the pleasure of doing. I’ve had this concept in my head for over three years and to see it come to life is phenomenal. From the shoot day, to the insanely talented cast and crew at Rare Squid Creative, making this video happen was a high paced extravaganza from start to finish.”

The video was shot in one day, as Paris explains: “We recorded this whole thing in one day and rehearsed for about 6 hours before doing this all in one shot. We broke over 100 things from fish tanks, mirrors, lamps and bats and managed to get the look we needed. We agonised over the set design for about a month beforehand, wanting to really emulate a room that said a lot about our characters.”

This clip is a hotbed of creativity. It’s best to have Paris explain it so as to not take away the element of surprise:  ‘”This video articulates the moment the toxic couple breaks up and the individuals subsequently break down. Through watching you’re tricked into thinking that one party is the aggressor but after further analysis you realises there’s much more to the story. This is my favourite visual project I’ve ever put together and I’m so thankful to Izzy Iovenitti and Angus McLeod for being such wonderful starring roles and Rare Squid Creative for being so reliable, hard working and passionate about the track!”

Do enjoy the premiere of “Tendons” from this talented artist.


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