Exclusive Video Premiere: Miss Lucy “Ocean” (2020)

After working on many projects with artists such as Eliza and The Delusionals and SAV, the Gold Coast based artist Miss Lucy also known as Blair Condon has made big moves this year by breaking out as a new solo artist. The multi-instrumentalist and producer has made headlines over debut single “All In A Day” and gained positive success by remixing the track with indie-pop band, Ivey. 

Premiering today on the AU review, the video for “Ocean” captures the essence of growth and maturation illustrated by a young boy played by Leo Seaton. The song’s lyrics reflects past relationships from Condon and not being able to dive deep enough. He further explains the inspiration behind the track:

“Ocean came from 3 chords on a synthesiser and for no particular reason, the word ocean came to mind when I was writing to what turned into the chorus’ chords. After a few rough versions of the lyrics I settled on ‘you are an ocean’ which made me reflect about my relationship at the time and how I never quite dived into it properly. It’s really a statement about growth, change and moving on with things. I’m so stoked with this, especially how well Leo did with his debut acting gig!”

Konstantin Kersting worked alongside Condon with producing his single and has worked with artists such as Mallrat, The Jungle Giants and Tones and I. “I found it pretty relaxed especially being the second time around with Kon. Although, I hadn’t quite finished it like I had done with All In A Day, so a little stressful coming into it but Kon is such a pro and makes you feel like it’ll all pan out,” explains Condon. 

“Ocean” is out now.  Keep up to date with Miss Lucy via Facebook and Instagram

Danica Sharma

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