Exclusive Video Premiere: Mijo “You’ve Got Your Life” (2019)

Need something to help kickstart the working week? How about an exclusive sneak peek at the video for singer-songwriter Mijo‘s latest, “You’ve Got Your Life“?

This is surf-rock at its brightest and most infectious, asking that age old question of just how we’re going to make this one life we’re given really count. Mijo says:

“Through the loss of a close friend I reflected on the fact that he was gone, forever, yet I was still here. Life is precious. Life is precarious. There is a chasm between being merely alive, and fully living a life. This song implores you to seek the latter.”

It’s a livelier, more optimistic tune from the Melbourne artist, who has played to audiences in 13 different countries, and supported the likes of Gotye, Missy Higgins, and Clare Bowditch. A month long songwriting retreat to an isolated cabin in Iceland was the trigger for the musical shift, one that resulted in an album due out later this year.

For now, enjoy this exclusive look at “You’ve Got Your Life”, and take a moment to ask yourself: “You’ve got your life… so what are you going to do with it?”

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