Exclusive Video Premiere: Mel Blue “Wake Up Call” (2020)

Sydney electronic-popsters Mel Blue released their latest single, “Wake Up Call” last month, and today we have the exclusive video premiere for this nostalgia-driven dance tune. The song references the difficulties in maintaining long-distance relationships and has a fun retro feel to it.

The video matches the retro feel of the song, with some classic vintage wardrobe and of course the vintage telephone. Each of the characters in the video gets a phone call, but poor Oscar, our chief protagonist misses out.

The band describes the creation of this fun montage: “We had such a great time creating this video. Maya Luana (Art Director) and Lewis Clark (Director) designed this amazing aesthetic. We wanted it to feel almost like a magic lobby where the rest of Mel Blue were in another room patching these calls in to this special phone. Almost something out of Willy Wonka, with that touch of strange”.

Enjoy the fun grooves of “Wake Up Call”

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