Exclusive Video Premiere: marigolden “Just Like Smoke” (2021)


Melbourne singer-songwriter marigolden, recently released her latest single, “Just Like Smoke”, and we are thrilled today to have the premiere of the video for this beautiful song, which is about self-belief and self-acceptance. Her own-blend of neo-soul, alt-rRnB, folk-roots and a hint of jazz are a killer combination, especially in a song such as “Just Like Smoke” which clearly delivers its message of taking control.

In “Just Like Smoke”, marigolden breaks out some gentle rapping coupled with a jazzy beat, and then smooths it out with her honey-golden voice in the chorus. The mixup in styles means that after a few listens this song really gets under your skin. “Just Like Smoke” is a great ode to empowerment.

The video echoes the calm of marigolden’s smooth jazzy vocals. It showcases marigolden as she goes about her day, not rushing but savouring each moment. Enjoying the early morning from her bed, finding time to pat that adorable dog. She has a slow cup of coffee and plays her guitar. The recurring shots of the burning wood are a reference to the line in the song  “I’m not working for a seat / I’m building my own table.” 

Director of Photography duties was shared by marigolden (Mel O’Neill) herself, with Emma Ajay. Holding the cameras was Ajay, and O’Neill performed the editing.

The video will be released tomorrow, 30th March 2021. In the meantime, enjoy the premiere below.


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