Exclusive Video Premiere: Lunar Syrup “A Place to Occupy” (2022)

Lunar Syrup

Lunar Syrup are a quartet hailing from the Gold Coast, whose music is a tantalising mix of folk, blues and psychedelic indie-rock. They recently released the psych-rock infused “A Place to Occupy”, and we are thrilled today to be hosting the video premiere for this lush dreamy track.

It feels that the song is somewhat prescient about the behaviour of people still staying home, despite restrictions being lifted.  Lyrist Jake Fox explains the meaning behind the song, “The underlying theme is about routine life and going through the motions. I believe many people were forced to stay in a routine and go forward with life any way they could since the COVID pandemic began. Even with eased restrictions around the world, there is still a trailing mindset that we are all a bit stuck in the lives we have been living the last few years and the constant routine can make you ask yourself questions and drive yourself a little crazy.”

About the video, Jake says: “The video was filmed in upper Beechmont by Elliott Hahn and the two of us created the concept and storyline. Following the song based on the struggle of being stuck in routine and a comfort zone, we created the masked character to portray this. The colour change signifies the understanding of being trapped and the kill scene is about letting go of the comfort zone and feeling free of the things holding you back. We hope listeners appreciate the weirdness of it and enjoy the concept.”

Lunar Syrup was formed in 2019, and they are inspired by a wide variety of artists, including Something For Kate, The Gorillaz, Arctic Monkeys, Tame Impala, Gang of Youths, Gary Clark JNR, RX Bandits and The Black Keys. There is a dreamy psychedelic groove to their music, that immerses the listener. Their live shows are renowned for being high energy, and it’s not hard to imagine why.

The band has plans to released a bunch of singles this year, as well as an album with a  50-page novella. 2022 will be a watershed year for Lunar Syrup.


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